Sunday, March 5, 2017

Macramé Appreciation and Inflatable Babies

From my work, I spotted this giant inflatable baby. (Also, yes, I was chilly. It's been cold lately. It went down to 20!)
Do it turns out you can put your face on the baby. This is when Barry and I remembered that we're bad at appreciating art.
This is i Light Marina Bay, a "Sustainable light art festival". I'm not sure what it sustains, but I think these super cool glowblobs are made with bottles.
These ones are bottles and clouds, so that just reminded me of work.
Everyone was gaga about these strings.
So they're strings. Pretty strings. Don't get it.
Been wondering what's trendy in macramé these days? Big art spheres!
Realizing we're bad at art appreciation, Barry and I went back to our talents.
Engrish appreciation. It's an art form in its own way. Ler's Nioy, Peanstar!
That, and eating. Here, Barry is deep in food appreciation.