Sunday, March 26, 2017

Tusks, Ears, and Aardvark paws

Guess where we are: this is a safari selfie - a bit cold in the early morning.
Elephants are my favourite! Strangely, ugly wild dogs are Barry's favourite. 
Did you hear a lion? 16 huge ears are checking.
Tied for ugliest animal is the warthog. 
And tied for my favourite is little baby kitten lion cubs wrestling!
Did someone say ugly?
Did someone say kitten?

Well, hello up there, good to see you!
Some of the animals were hidden, and harder to spot.
Our spotter sits in a special front seat to find extra animals. Here I am, training for the role.
This klipspringer camouflages with the rock.
The ear-mite-cleaning bird sits on the back of this impala.
More impala, also known as dinner.
Ok, it's time for more elephants: elephant selfie - can't get it all in the picture when they come closer.
This is my best water-frolick shot.
Elephant face splash.
View from our room in the lodge.
This is a white rhino frolicking - they're less agile.
Baby zebra looks surprised.
And a bit knock-kneed.
Hyena, the cross between a bear, a dog, a pear (it has a big butt) and a leopard.
It's breakfast time for the hyenas.
Aardvark paws make a good snack for later.
I'm a wildebeest, how do you gnu?
And now for the lesser animals/pictures. First, a glimpse of a hippo.
Crocodile not really posing for the picture.
Birds: grey hornbill visiting our room.
Over-accessorized shaft-tailed whydah.
Pale chanting goshawk, which sounds like a team mascot.
And our dinner companion, Leafy.