Sunday, February 26, 2017

Vietnamese Street Food and Brides for Sale

We went to Vietnam with the goal of eating delicious and unusual street food. Also, Barry was experimenting with taller hair. There were chickens everywhere for the lunar new year.
However, everything was closed. Even the rusty chain store!
And the infrastructure, but that's a longer story.
We were confused. Bearly!
But we took to advice the words of St. Ruggle (which is fake news, since we have to be clear nowadays): "I will now that only those with inferior ability can always be at their best, and I am constantly not inferior. Constantly struggle struggle There will be constantly days when I MUST IN THE WORLD." (sic. and yay!)
So we made our own fun.
And we did manage to find some delicious street noodles.
Upon returning to Singapore, we found this (actually real). Here are some quotes from their website (still real): "If You have the heart, You come You meet and You have wife."
If you do not find any ladies that you like, we can go to Vietnam and search for suitable ladies for you.
Here are the quotes that were not on their website: "If you are a human trafficker, we are your one stop shop." "Want to buy a prostitute for life? We're here for you."
So, after 9 years, there are things in Asia I will never understand.
The best we can do is wash our hands with this confusing graphic, donate to an appropriate charity, and stock up on Corny, because 5 flavours are on sale.