Saturday, February 18, 2017

Tet Balloons

Every time we've been to Vietnam, we've seen bunches of bright balloons. This time, it was near the Dragon bridge in Danang.
Many of the balloons were chickens for the occasion, and we saw more than one fly the coop.
So, what you do, is you dress your kid up warmly, because it goes down to 20C, and you get them a balloon. The kids below got theirs tangled together.
Then you try to get your kid to sit and smile for a picture.
This, like Santa pictures, usually doesn't work - robed child got away.
Despite rocking the pink blazer/short pants look, this kid isn't feeling it either.
Finally, a perfect picture. Except that these 2 kids are complete strangers - the one on the left is photo-bombing.
Barry started to suffer from balloon envy.
So we retired to the comfort of the local rice wine.