Thursday, August 11, 2016

Dormant Volcanoes and Raw Chicken

We went to see a volcano erupting, but it turned out to just be a little mountain.
The helpful museum told us that the volcano erupted 737 times last year, but only 46 this year, so we were suckers. We went to the grocery store to drown our sorrows.
We couldn't decide between the 2 gallon plastic jug of whiskey, or hotel bread.
We looked for solutions where the fruit gather.
Naturally, we settled on some white mush.
I refreshed myself with the free mask provided by the hotel, which was not fussed with traditional amenities.
And then we went out for some raw chicken, the local specialty.
It tasted like, well, chicken.
Everything was better when we found the world's best Sake/Schochu menu! I had the "horse with a spectacular sweetness of strong", while Barry had the "I will tell you generous climate and nostalgia".
Even the toilet cooperated.
After dinner, we found the world's favourite playground.
Where some stuff was spread, including exciting space.
And some animals were trapped in glass cages.