Saturday, December 12, 2015

Male and female chicken butts

Lately, we've just been hanging out, eating some soba noodles.
Scott tried to demonstrate noodle making viscoelasticity with silly putty. This made his hair and his feet appear larger somehow.
We celebrated Barry's birthday with some birthday burrata and lambrusco.
He got some special gifts from his own store, which has a whole aisle of floss. Pork and chicken floss. Toothsome!
Barry has also been e-biking. This is a biking fantasy world where you have to actually bike, and you don't get any special powers, fire, animal bikes or secret passages. Bikists lack imagination.
Since he's been mostly virtual, Barry gets excited and takes pictures of himself in the mirror when he goes out.
I, on the other hand, have been taught how better to appreciate yakitori (chicken bits on sticks). Like wine, you have to start with the mild chicken.
If you're fancy, you can observe the difference between male and female chicken butt, shown below.
Then comes the harder core stuff, which is accompanied by warnings for the gaijin. Chicken liver: female below and male on top. Tasty, strong!
Speaking of strong livers, I'm not sure mine is able to digest deep fried chicken skin, but I tasted it.
To accompany all of this, you have shochu with hoppy, my newly learnt drink. It is a low-calorie beer by-product and substitute. I was hoping this would give it secret healthful properties, but it seems its worthy benefit is to avoid excessive shochu drunkenness.
In any case Hiroshi and I do seem to have developed an unearthly glow.
Ideally, this should be done while gazing upon mount Fuji.
Meanwhile, through all of this, the passengers are still waiting for their flight to Shanghai. I love the use of honesty, and reflect on how many "indefinite" delays I've experienced in life.