Thursday, December 17, 2015

Happy Engrish Holidays!

Pandadog and friends wish you a happy healthy holiday! Looking gift ideas? Treat your family to a day at the airhead spa, where they puff air into your brain!
Or get the gift that expresses your love for the family.
Perhaps some friendly Johnny Depp glasses (update, he's 52 now, who knew)?
For your friends who like seafood, maybe a hairtail?
Goosh jeans are all the rage if you have a very small behind.
They are best wrapped in the Gocci gift bag, which is insecure, as fauxture can be: its happiness depends on your love.
It's good to match Engrish gifts to the personalities of your friends. This one works for mine.
I haven't decided who to get the magic lamp ice cream for, but I feel bad that Softree has lots of worries.
 Don't forget Engrish for December birthdays! I wish them all the luck!
 This kettle hopes that your tea is reminiscent of the tableland, which I think means Saskatchewan.
This wrapping paper comes with mixed messages, to confuse people about love. We'll just continue to travel hopefully instead of arriving.
The lesson gift bag is available in "Wide, Rabbit", with the unicorns at no additional cost.
During the holidays, I hope that you can get out of boring every day matter!
And experience happiness forever, now with a plastic charm!