Sunday, October 11, 2015

Accessories in Milan

In Milan, I found one of my new favourite places. I had to stretch to prepare. Unfortunately I seem to be doing that wrong, because it's related to sports.
In Milan, there is a lot of fashion to admire. Even the sculptures are elegantly draped. In contrast, we didn't even know where to walk.
 This sculpture represents the invention of the miniskirt.
Even the army guards are accessorized, with feathers! It makes them seem a bit less scary, which may be a tactic.
At the coast, fedoras were all the rage.
I wished I'd had one when my ears got cold through the bike tunnels. I failed to start a lobster shirt-draping trend.
Instead of fashion, Barry admired the new technology.
And the old technology.
We found out that they have converted Italian pharmacists into a machine!
At speaking and understanding Italian, I am the undisputed champion. This is as far as Barry gets.