Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Dying in Italy

We found the world's best cemetery in Milan. When you die, you get a huge sculptured headstone.
Angels and Jesuses were popular (hand holes enable a positive ID on Jesus).
But you can also get swooning women and knights! (Grave from post-knightly era).
Not all of them were modest affairs. This one has a swooner, a priestly man, and a helper lady next to the carved dead person's feet. Barry shown for scale. On the front there are windows to the pit of death.
That's right, these things have crypts, and they are ready and waiting to be a movie set, complete with spiders' webs.
Would you like to go downstairs? No?
I was a fan of the flying angel, although I think she's using street performer tricks.
Barry liked the zombie grave.
Barry's favourite was a Darth Vader tombstone.
While I really like the "You can't make me go in there, I'm claustrophobic!"
In the end we settled on a simple urn affair, with a sculpture of our lives.