Saturday, February 14, 2015

Let's have a hashtag on the way

Don't worry, if you don't like picked catfish or Gouramy (sic), then these solar dried banana dudes come in many flavour styles.
The packaging kindly advises that the bananas may be "slightly" different than the pictures and provides a helpful hotmail address.
All these are available at the fabulous and sometimes controversial Golden Mile building near us, which features eclectic balcony styles and all things Thai.
Before we leave the Thai grocery store, let's consider the Bruce Lee fragrance poster. Barry was concerned about what a poster of someone whose been dead for over 40 years says about food freshness. Luckily, Bruce Lee perfume was released in 2011, fresh as a daisy.
Also in little Thailand, there are some #establishments.
If you can figure out what word(s) make sense in this window, then your mind does not work like mine.
In the bus stop area, you need roll out of the moving vehicle.
And the harmony has ceased.
But, oh, the food.
In other news, if you see this man emerging from a shipping container.
Well, that means it's almost Chinese New Year!
More on this later, but it should involve pink cats, dragons, hearts and teapots!