Sunday, January 4, 2015

Top of the Hill

Barry turned 40 and is coming to terms with it. Being the supportive girlfriend that I am, I did a fabulous job of helping him to cope. I also hoped the surprise party would startle him into looking his age.
We had a customized menu. This makes 40 year olds feel special.
Oysters are high in vitamins and minerals which are good for the middle-aged.
Mark was the surprise actor mastermind, and welcomed Barry to his new decade with appropriate gifts.
Meanwhile, our younger friends (with apparently iridescent shirts?) try to help Barry keep with the times.
Clearly it didn't work. More importantly, below is Tom, our genius mixologist, and Chef Carlos in the background.
Tom invented custom Barry cocktails for the occasion! Below is the Loonie Toonie, for which Barry's been waiting a long time. Isn't it beautiful?
Below, Mark and Sohini demonstrate their "espuma awe" faces with Carlos.
The Fountain of Youth cocktail was inspired by Barry's love of passion fruit.
Special Anti:dote parmesan pizza, which is worth turning 40 for.
After many courses, we finished the meal with a small desert and age-appropriate sherry.
That was all I planned, but our friends added gifts. We had to explain these, since the new technology can be tricky.
And Barry got an original Rick Rimond. You might not know what that is yet, but a bobcat is involved.
One note: When planning a surprise, you need to consider which walls are made of glass.
Thanks to all of our friends for helping Barry through this midlife hurdle!