Saturday, January 31, 2015

The Stray Urban Planning Dog

This is a story of a semi-stray dog named Jar, a.k.a Ricky, a.k.a Licky. Jar used to live in our neighbourhood, having been found as a puppy by some South Asian construction workers. Barry took a liking to the dusty, not terribly affectionate, 10 year old dog back in 2009. Above, he's seen taking him to the vet when the construction dust and human shampoo got him scratching.
Yesterday, I went to the Urban Redevelopment Authority's museum of urban planning, which showcased the next series of buildings to emerge from where there used to be sea.
They make intricate models and don't get to drive trains around them.
Our condo is shown in such detail that you can see (me in) the hot tub!
Anyway, here a display on old heritage shop houses. In the top right are those from our former street.
And there, immortalized in the museum, is our little friend! Now, of course we can't be sure, but Barry put a collar on the dog to help him avoid the fate of some strays, who nearly never have collars. Also, Barry claims to recognize the urban planning puppy's stubby snout, and he's very proud.