Sunday, January 18, 2015

Canadian Things

I did not know that a wall of snowshoes could exist. But I've come a long way, because last year I didn't know that snowshoes were no longer made of wood.
Barry and his brother did a snowshoe race, but the conditions were not hard core enough for the shoes shown above, thereby causing damage.
After that Barry and I needed to warm up (me from just thinking about it), so we wore our fuzzy slippers to the hotel bar. This defeated the purpose of my Christmas pedicure (with a ghost in it due to the linguistic challenges I had with the pedicurist).
Anyway, the bar has the best Caesars in the world. Since the Caesar is Canadian, it's a smaller world, but still.
Controversial statement: Ottawa also has the best shawarma in the world. Although I haven't yet been to Lebanon, I offer the following proof:
1) Ottawa has an obsession with Shawarma, with nearly 200 restaurants across the city, way more than in Lebanon.
2) Ottawa shawarma is better than what I've sampled in the Middle East or elsewhere.
3) Ottawa is way bigger than Beirut.
4) Ottawa seems to have regional shawarma adaptations, such as increased use of toum and kabees el lift.
Ottawa also has world class Vietnamese food above, and breakfast, below.
Canada is known for its great outdoors, but I was cold, so between meals I had to hang out with the creepy unicorn, who haunted my jetlagged dreams.