Saturday, June 7, 2014

Taking to the Streets

After tourism fatigue, we saw Lady Buddha while figuring out what to do for the day.
 Although I couldn't figure out how Lady Buddha fit in with man Buddha, Barry navigated the way.
We took to the streets of Da Nang, a far less touristy place, where the latest in sun protection fashion can be seen.
We went on a great street food tour with a Vietnamese-speaking expat.
Here, we can get away from cumbersome things like refrigeration.
 These women don't care about catering to the tourists.
Which do you prefer, smoked meat above, or avian flu risk below?
Never mind, I just thought of a great addition for our home!
I bought the local hot sauce and a container to bring it home in.
Barry tried to fit in with the locals.
But he wasn't wearing the proper t-shirt.
Lunch started with fermented fish sauce noodles (something about a hanging dripping fish),
And finished with beef salad. That's better.