Saturday, February 8, 2014

The Phases of Chili

I have been known to make excellent decisions in what I eat. Above, I'm rehydrating with coconut. Where I go wrong, is that sometimes I look like a jaundiced ostrich, below.
Barry, however, sometimes makes bad decisions. In 2009, he did not learn the hot pepper lesson, and thought he was "tougher and more Asian" now. I call this first phase Foolish Optimism.
The second phase, like with many of life's decisions is Fear and Doubt.
The unsurprising third phase of chili is Ugly Shock. I'm sorry you had to see that.
Phase 4: Anger.
Fifth Phase of Chili: Grief and Burning.
Phase 6: Blaming Others. (The insensitive photographer who may have said "I told you so" is a likely target here).
Phase 7: Chili Regret. Will it be enough to prevent future episodes?
Phase 8: Flashbacks. Yes, there are 8 phases!