Saturday, February 15, 2014

Maple, Caustic Soda, and Earthquakes

It's the Olympics! We're cheering with Sugar Shaktinis and poutine!
In other news, I got underarm whitening soap, which should change my life! It did not help my photography skills though, since the flash blocked the brown armpit "before" picture.
Since dark underarms "cram" (sic) your style, you use this to get them to "absorb key nutrients" like caustic soda! Brilliant!
Since Mark got me this, I've been thinking of what to get him in return. Perhaps a very special orange?
We went to the Starry Place for View Cocktail and Consultancy to seek advice.
We considered the Taro fish promotion.
And wondered what Chuck Norris would do.
But in the end, a Japanese product provided the answer. Do you feel the ground shaking? Quick, grab your fuzzy earthquake-proof slippers!
And since Mark is a foodie and likes to eat things, these are great because they're non-toxic and tasteless slippers!
Finally, the healing properties are nearly endless!