Friday, December 21, 2012

Santa and the Pests

Big news. We've finally answered the question of whether Santa enters homes in the tropics via the trash chute. Obviously not, as our condo is fumigating these on Christmas Eve. Horrors!
You have to tape it up so that your place isn't the one place the beasts take refuge. This is the one memo not to miss!
In other disturbing news, Kotex thinks its customers are stupid. Why yes, designs change everything, now I have monthly sparkle festivals of kittens and unicorns!
Given all of this, we've packed our bags and booked a reindeer outta here.
Luckily before leaving, I got my first Christmas present! Psalmstre Placenta Herbal Beauty soap (with natural placenta extract, animal not specified), and Be Nice Firm and White wash! Something to look forward to in the new year.