Saturday, December 8, 2012

Dinner with Bono

Last weekend, Bono came to visit. He insisted on wearing his hat to cover his shaggy (and perhaps balding?) hair. Apparently Bono, who we call Huey, gets red eyes in the light, so insists on wearing shades all the time.
Bono likes special food served at high altitude, so we took him here.
Nowadays, there are certain things that high restaurants have to have. Two of these are foam, above, and unexpected jellies, below.
This is Barry's nut-free dessert, which I think might have been better than my nutaceous one.
The final thing that we need these days is dry ice. Really adds drama to your third dessert. Bono agrees.
After dinner, Barry put on a special performance of his "Call me Maybe" dance, with special Engrish outfit. Bono was mildly apathetic, as usual.