Sunday, June 3, 2012

Tokyo Walker

In an effort to carve out my niche on the web, this post is about footwear worn when strolling in Tokyo on a Saturday afternoon. Above is Laura in Singapore's Height of Fashion winner. Below, a demonstration that zebra pants go best with flats boots.Should you combine shoulder-less, short shorts, polka-dot socks and running wedges? In Tokyo, yes.The women below demonstrate that Saturday is one of seven days of the week for painful heels. No need to give your feet a break on the weekend.
A tribute to spaceman fashion.
Tribute to Holland.Winner of the matching accessories award, with hat matching shoes, and pants matching booted boyfriend, is below. Pull-up sock twins add to the contrast. Do you have an orange dress covered in birds? Here is the shoe solution to create the outfit of your dreams.Are you large, with an unusual hairdo and a robe? Then perhaps wooden flip-flops are best.