Saturday, June 9, 2012

Japanesely Japanesish

Some times in your life that are more Japanese than others.During these times, it's best to stay in a traditional Ryokan hotel.
Here is what it looks like in the hotel room. Barry tried relaxing with green tea.
I wore appropriate attire and contemplated the tree in the tree contemplation nook.Then Barry, too, got more Japanese.With the contemplation complete, it was time for some Ryokan eating. You get so many pretty and small dishes that afterwards your stomach is as sore as your legs under the short table.After this experience, things around us started to get more zen.The next day, we upped the ante and moved to a Ryokan with a private hot spring bath called a Rotenburo.With a view of the misty mountains.Filled with even more Japanesely relax, it was time for more eating. Here is Barry and cuttlefish.This one is Barry after delicious melty special beef.
And here I am stopped to smell the sakura.