Friday, March 23, 2012

Weekend in our hood

You can find lots of interesting things in our neighbourhood. If you peer into this door long enough, you'll see into the future (I saw receding glaciers).
There are of course dangers, like Sabre Strokers. I contemplated (ok, googled) this further, and found that they offer products such as Roosta Popper, Zip'n ziggy, and Laser Pro, which somehow are for fishing! I suppose the popper/ziggy/laser are to remove the mercury from the fish. Oh I'm excited for the google searches I'll get on the above words!If those products don't work out for you, you could go to a backwards law firm. While the name is a palindrome, I'm pretty sure the Sanskrit, correction, Bengali, isn't.Oups, this entry got a little environmental, so quick, be distracted by baskets of back alley fruits! You need a lot of watermelon to feed the crowds of workers in Little India on a Sunday.Singapore's economic miracle has not touched all. This is the vehicle of our local karung guni recylers, who take sell cardboard and other goods from dumpsters to recyclers. To make it more lucrative, they wet the cardboard, as it's sold by weight.At the end of a neighbourhood alley walk, we recommend going to your local Uzbek restaurant for vareniki. Not available? Ok, then substitute dumplings from your neighbourhood.