Friday, July 30, 2010

Fauxnesia Weekend

Singapore's small, and when your island fever gets too intense, you gotta skip town! The easiest solution is to get on a boat to the island of Bintan, aka Fauxnesia. Fauxnesia, like Disneyworld, Vegas or Iqaluit, is for people who want to convince themselves they're somewhere they're not. In this case, we're pretending we're in Indonesiapore.Bintan's resort area is separated from the rest of the Indonesian island by a barbed wire fence, and its currency is the Singapore dollar. Shown below are fauxsatay, bigger than actual satay but less tasty.Bintan is not without its dangers:However, if you need a getaway and a 90 minute massage, Fauxnesia is easy and relaxing.But be careful not to hyper-extend that relaxed neck.