Saturday, September 17, 2011

What Happens in Hill Villages

We took some hikes through the hill tribe villages.Farming was evident. If you look closely, you might spot the water buffalo below.Craftmanship was more elusive. Clothing is made from hemp, dyed with indigo...But we only saw one, um, hemp plant.Rice can be ground into floor. Although nowadays it's just sold wholesale. Some farm animals were spotted. Piglet may not be to scale.This duckling however is to scale, and likes bonbons.Below is bark drying in the sun ready to be made into incense, although we didn't see any incense. Houses like these were used as "home stays", which are hotels for masochists.This cellulite vegetable would have been veggie of the week, except I'm not sure we've ever eaten it, or know how to cook it.Mountain farming is tough work and requires waking up early mornings, which explains why Vietnamese coffee is so strong.