Saturday, September 17, 2011


Just around umbrella cat corner is one of Taipei's fantastic night markets, which is slightly busier.
There's a whole lot of food going on.
Some of which is not easy to identify.I tucked right into a stick of candied tomatoes with prunes. It was, well, good enough to eat despite the obvious throat impalement while walking risk.Barry had the much wimpier bubble tea.I also tried this, which is congealed pig's blood with sticky rice. Good, but strange to me that it was served at room temperature, sometimes with peanuts. I figured it should be a part of a hot breakfast.Again you'll see the trend of my heroic bravery. Here I'm liking, but not really understanding Stinky Tofu.
Whereas Barry's enjoying much less adventurous beef noodle soup.He is also shown here trying to figure out which one is the mortar, and which the pestle, at a grind-you-own sesame seeds Japanese restaurant.Later on, we found the best dumplings in all of Asia, and bought 30 of them to eat over the next few days. Our rapture made us forget photography.