Saturday, September 17, 2011

Taipei Temple Time

Ok, so we're all tired of Chinese temples, but look how pretty! This is different, a man with a Mohawk and broom has been grabbed by an elephant!
Here some sort of story is told involving a dark, poorly-clad bad guy who appears to be stealing the young.
Imagine facing up against this guy in war? It would be distracting, no?
Most temples have what I call the hairy gods as shown here (hair alarmingly real-looking), but this fish-god was a first for me. There is always the red rage god.
And, amidst all this great photography, there a bored Barry who has resorted to work email!
And decorating ideas - don't you think we should have more ceilings like this?Ok, once Barry had temple boredom, you can go up the tall shiny building. And see the little tiny buildings below.