Saturday, December 4, 2010

Walking on Fire

After missing it each year, Barry and I finally witnessed the Hindu Fire-walking festival. This starts with a 4km barefoot walk, which would have been photographed below, except we got dazzled by the blinky lights of Deepavali.Beforehand, the devotees hang out in the temple, some appearing to be in cages.There was much music and commotion (as with all things Hindu that I've witnessed). But unfortunately, the actual fire-walking part doesn't start until 1:00am on a Sunday night.So, Barry and I set our alarm; and this is the sight we were able to quickly glimpse.I mean very quickly. We were ushered through, and told to keep moving and stop taking pictures. So you're not gonna see fire, or focus for that matter.But evidently these were hot coals, through which devotees scurry. At then end the feet are cooled in this (likely fungal) puddle.Now since you can't see very well, it's available on TV screens which, they say, add 10lbs. Also involved in this festival is the placing of leaves on a deity sculpture, and walking through what I think is turmeric.
Generally, no burning occurs, but just in case...