Sunday, December 12, 2010

Barry's Town of Knives

What would you do in New Zealand! Well, if you're Barry, you'd go to Barrytown!
And what would you do there? Perhaps throw axes (badly)?
Or burn stuff? Well we did these things, so as to make a Barrytown knife, wouldn't you? Below, Barry, in Barrytown, forging steel.Below, Laura, in Barrytown, learning she's not strong enough to forge steel.Barry telling Laura to sharpen up and stop forging like a girl.It turns out there are many steps in making a knife, several of which involve these belt sanders. The precision steps are done my knifemaster Steve.
Since it's NZ, there are lots of sheep.
Finished product, Barry of Barrytown was very proud.
Admire our forging, sanding, polishing, drilling, slicing and riveting skills, oooooooh.

In case you think we made this up, click.