Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Bali Jungle Weekend

Stuck in Bali for a work trip and don't know what to do for the weekend? I suggest, if you've been before, to forget about the temples, shopping, and beach resorts (above), and go hide in the jungle! This is the view from our private jungle chalet (monkeys not shown):Unfortunately since these chalets are built into a cliff, there are a lot of stairs:These stairs lead to the restaurant (see if you can spot the jungle chickens).And to the infinity jungle pool.And at the bottom of the cliff, there is a secret ravine with an awesome waterfall. To answer your questions: Yes, those are Tarzan vines and yes, Barry is ready for your fashion advice:You can also walk along the roads. Face shown for scale - roads are basically paths.The jungle is filled with surprises - these cows are used to plow the rice paddies, and tied next to their owners modest jungle houses.Once you've hiked and absorbed the beauty of isolation, you get all relaxed and sentimental and start taking picture of leaves,And flowers.