Saturday, February 20, 2016

Pinoy Surprises

Nothing helps us to stand firm and deeend like a crop top. But you likely can't wear this top if you eat too many SkyFlakes or Cracklin' faux pork rinds
We decided to give the Philippines some respect this weekend at Lucky Plaza, our local Pinoy mall. It's very threfty.
 Filipino food involves a lot of pork.
But if you look below the nutella, you might find a free meal.
We were more into the all-purpose sauce, which inexplicably comes in 2 flavours. The red sauce on the right is red banana sauce with tasty vitamin B6!
We couldn't decide between the Bangus and the Milkfish, which are actually the same fish.

The Philippines has tastier, bright coloured desserts than some of its Asian neighbours.
Barry, as usual, stuck to the T-shirts. "Singapore: Smartest Drawing Room of the World". I missed this international competition, because I was hanging out in the parlour instead.
I went with a butterfly cocktail shirt to make me more crealive.
Other mall features include the ability to turn back time.
To achieve beauty through snacking.
The mall also brings cheer.
And sad poems about goiden love getting broken on the roed so mandaly. (Engrish shown does not reflect the rather excellent English capabilities of Filipino customers.)
I tried to take a picture of Mol Girl South Koea XinXi, but somehow she disappeared from sight!
 So we went home and did some SRLX Filing.