Sunday, February 14, 2016

Kibble, Half legs and a Gutter fall

Good news, Barry and I have a cover for our new album!
And Barry has started feeding me Tanner Kibble, a delicious customized snack.
Barry has also been working to stare down those extra-creepy eyeball stuffies that haunt your dreams.
We took a quick trip back to 1990 to visit Kmart. Then saw some of our Australian friends, who are looking good.
Except for Ian. This is what you look like after water balloon crime, which is apparently a real thing.
Our friends back in Singapore have issues too. Erik got extra intense when the sesame fish snacks came out.
Back in Australia, they seem to have a thing with half legs.
Back in Singapore, we saw our first Singapore Airlines flight attendant out in the wild. (Only ever before seen in hotels, airports, and the airline magazine).
 Barry admired some modern locking and bike seat technology.
And we visited the vacant former railway station.
The food place is "Close Sunday, sorry lah".
It is forever 10:20.
And Kiriman Ekspres has 7 digit phone numbers from 10 years ago.
Taking this glove/tracks picture, I finally, after expecting it for so long, fell into a 4-foot deep open gutter, which was luckily dry today.