Saturday, April 11, 2015

Eating Herring Correctly, Part 2

Why yes, I would like a winklemandje, thank you. Don't mind me while I take a picture of my new favourite Dutch word.
We also laughed when the TV asked us about our ondertiteling. Sorry Dutch people with your universally fluent English.
Near our hotel was the Dutch Parliament, which looks like a church. I am slightly disturbed by the asymmetry of the spires, but I try to stay calm.
Near parliament was a FEBO, where the food comes out of the wall. That's really the main feature.
Also near our hotel was Chinatown.
In Chinatown, there is a hairsalon (kapsalon), whereyou can get your mullet trimmed as shown.
There is also an Egyptian restaurant, where Pharoahs (also with mullets) sell "Kapsalon", which is also a food. But the word still means hairsalon, because it was invented by a stylist and her shawarma selling friend. Obviously. I am seeking Egyptians' opinion on this.
Here is Kapsalon, which is a Dutch poutine made of fries, shawarma meat, gouda cheese, garlic sauce and hot sauce. So it's tasty, Dutch, Middle Eastern, Canadian, and conveniently comprises your entire day's calorie requirements.
Now, for something more traditional. See how I've interspersed food pictures with architecture to please Ken?
You need to check if your melk is karnemelk, or buttermilk, because you'll think it's gone sour. An Egyptian (without a mullet) once told me that karnemelk is the secret to why the Dutch are so tall.
Our last Dutch meal is stamppotjes, or casserole, which Barry likes for the random topping of a hotdog, and that I like due to my freakishly intense love of cabbage. We certainly enjoyed eating Holland.