Saturday, April 18, 2015

Dutch Studies in Perspective

Barry was a bit bored with Madurodam, the miniature Dutch village, until a heron gave him an idea.
Yes, taking his angst out on miniature innocent Dutch bystanders kept Barry amused.
Thankfully, it ended after the King Kong shot.
Then we went to the M.C. Escher museum.
Then we accidentally made our own Escher, as if mutating perspective were contagious.
Barry's obsession with perspective continued at night. Ya, we were cool in the parking lot.
I learnt that sabre colour indicates whether you are a good or bad guy, which will help me with future movies.
Once again we saw the heron use its size to its advantage
Then we checked out the puddles from Fabian's perspective. Laura: 2 jackets, scarf and a sweater. Michiel: 1 jacket and a t-shirt. Fabian: wet pants and shoes.
We were went to Keukenhof, the huge tulip park, on the day it opened.
Our favourite flower was Purple Sensation, check it out.
Luckily the indoor greenhouse portion offered a bit more colour.