Sunday, October 12, 2014

Stopover in Disrupted Times

While travelling, if faced with a protest, it is recommended to walk away along a perpendicular route.
It is not recommended to approach the crowd.
One can see protests and riots in France and Vancouver. But how often do you get to see a peaceful suffrage protest, in one of the world's best cities?
I admire the relative peacefulness, the stamina, the clever use of tie-wraps, above, and the use of the latest technology.
During our quick stopover, this is as close as we got to Hong Kong island.
I've figured out how to do another awkward transition to food. I also admire Hong Kong as one of very few places in Asia where strangers offer to help you on the street, and where you are offered iberico ham in a Japanese bar.
And, oh, the food. The picture below seems posed, but it was a serious conversation, actually.
Thank you Will and Catherine for the culinary delights!
And here is my closing sentiment.