Saturday, October 25, 2014

Beautiful things and Newark

There are a lot of things to see and do around Newark. Spouse's signature not required!
There are beautiful views. I find that the circle of trucks reminds me of an Einstein's bagel. Luckily, my rental car GPS took me there.
Less luckily, it was cold enough that I had to scrape my car with a loyalty card. And in my jetlag, I didn't realize that my car was (clearly) Canadian, and therefore drove inappropriately slowly before I clued into kilometres' generosity.
Meanwhile, the conference was in a quaint country hotel. This means there are numerous paisleys, plaids, and fried foods. If you avoid looking at them while falling asleep, you can avoid crazy dreams.
A common hotel feature, the heater had boat engine loud, and nosebleed fury settings.
Here is where the fridge wasn't, and the ice bucket in which I stored my extra Einstein's cream cheese.
Usually hotel "art" is for aiding sleep. This one, with the man creeping up on a woman trapped on an island, not so much.
Meanwhile, back in Singapore, we had Thanksgiving!
In so doing, we proved that our bar works as planned.