Saturday, September 27, 2014

Fishtology Level 2

Valentinni's sharpnose puffer welcomes you to Fishtology Level 2. This level has fewer fish and more confusion.
According to poissontologie, all three of these fish are the same blackspotted puffer. I think we've been shammed by the fishman.
Especially with the one below, which looks like a dog.
The Yellow boxfish, below, is different and does not inflate even though it looks like it has extra skin. It squirts poison instead.
The Spot-fin porcupinefish below inflates, is poisonous and was clearly the originally source of large scary googly eyes.
The subtype of moray eel is not identifiable in level 2. Other than mean and angry, like all moray eels.
Le fishbook tells us not to fear the Lionfish's poisons, as you can negate them by heating the affected area to over 42C. This, however, frightened Barry even more.
In Fishtology level 3 we'll learn what this is. We think it's a tiny baby Lionfish. All we know is that it's freaky.
Finally, we learnt that the day will end before you can get tired of watching an octopus.