Sunday, August 3, 2014

Bowling in Strange Places

At our place, we now have a bar. Below is my excitement at its inauguration.
At our friend Scott's place, however, if you go to the half floor between 1 and B1, you reach the bowling alley floor!
To arrive there in style, drive your chromed porsche. 
When we got there, we tried to manage the rules - you have to sit on the right couch.
We negotiated to eat food, as long as there was no alcohol. I guess alcohol spills more than layered dip.
It's ok, because we cleaned it sanitorally afterwards.
Below is my bowling face of disappointment. I kept getting my fingers caught in the holes.
David is more of a screwball bowler.
And our host Scott is more of a ball zen bowler.
We learnt that if you wear a short lacy dress, it doesn't end well.