Saturday, August 9, 2014

A new home, with kitty, tripes and eggs

We have moved to the building beside Hello Kitty, who seems to be getting a bit wrinkled around the chin.
We had our youngest bar visitor, above, and he seems to have liked it.
The white floors aren't compatible with Barry's biking sometimes. And the leaking outer wall required the aliens to come to our window.
Normally, though, nothing hinders our view.
We live close to the harmony.
My new commute, by foot, involves the scenery below. I can get tripes and beumper crops for takeout.
By the way, taking pictures of Engrish can be challenging. This elevator in China had to specify no slapping and no pushing the buttons randomly, but it's hard to read due to my attempted discretion.
It is also hard to find the ideal use of long-screened Samsung photography. I suggest tall buildings:
Or Japanese rolled omelettes.