Friday, April 11, 2014

Blog Block

I have got blog block.
Surely there must be something clever to say, here, about how my fake Lacoste shirt matches this pile of rusty car parts in downtown Bangkok?
Perhaps how my purse matches these deep fried snack bits? Are they made of fish or donuts?
In the market, multiple types of sea cucumber for sale. When asked, locals have only told me they are delicious because they're very expensive. This is almost as confusing as the difference between a sea slug and a sea cucumber.
After this long in Asia you'd think I'd know what the green chili garlic thingies are for.
And whether the dried dark citruses are for Christmas.
I do know that these are deep fried intestines. Yup, sold by the huge bag.
But we're better at the skills we learnt younger. Except for Scott, who needed some hockey tutoring.
Mike was the real expert - nice flame socks! Nice rink shorts! I missed the hockey tournament, and Barry was sympathetic.