Sunday, March 23, 2014

Beware your Pocket

Don't worry, I've figured out where my previous company did their accounting - mystery solved! Check out Barry's ergonomically challenged picture-taking in the reflection.
In other news, it seems that Hello Kitty is looking to buy our condo! Lotsher.
Sometimes at the $2 T-shirt store, we get 300 Euro designer shirts mixed up with Engrish.
Other times there is no mistaking the poetry plain.
Engrish interrogations start here.
Engrish sports.
Oups, another designer one. Engrish and fashion lines blur!
Apparently Peter and his denim hang out in Indonesia, while in Bangkok, below, you need to beware your pocket!
Finally - remember to consider the your brand name before translating it to English. It might need adjustment.