Sunday, August 11, 2013

Under the Maldives

We got an underwater camera ziplocky thingy.
With it, one of us was able to find a fish or two.
The other one of us was unbalanced, and her pink snorkel and matching pink mask both filled readily with salt water. Luckily I only drowned a little bit, and only once.
But look at my cool ripply reflection!
Anyway, we got seriously into fishtology. Above is a prisoner fish. Below, a unicorn fish, ready to ensnare its prey.
Below, a fingerprint fish.
Parrot fish and buddy blue fish.
Mixing stripes and polkda dots fish.
Weird gills fish.
Dinner. (Jackfish).
Needle fish.
Yellow school of fish, with one opposite direction leader.
Finally, evolution fish with grippy feet.