Sunday, August 25, 2013

Beautiful Black and Blue Craters

Check out the tranquillity of Kawah Putih, a baby blue volcano salt lake.
Nothing but us, dead trees, and acidic water.
Ok perhaps on this holiday weekend, we did notice a few people over to the left.
Only a few wandered into our picture, of course.
Barry, who is sadly becoming a bit of a travel snob, tried his best to keep a positive attitude.
Next stop, black crater, this one seen from above.
Many came seeking the beauty and tranquillity.
Crater 3, grey: In a brilliant tourist scheme, you could escape the crowds by paying a mandatory "guide" to take you to the bottom along entirely unhazardous hiking trails.
This crater, clearly, was the most badass. You could hang out with steam jets, bubble pools, and men selling green stone trinkets.
The steaming vents have sulfury yellow plaque.
Which has that freaky kind of beauty, I think.
The rotten egg smell and handing out of useless hello kitty face masks only added to the allure.
After this, we went for a drink at our hotel bar. Except this hotel was big on Ramadan...