Sunday, April 7, 2013

Hazards, Hobbies and Help

Let's talk first about hazards. Sudden stairs, and flower petal risk to men!
I did note a little stumble.
And I was careful not to enter the pile of rope.
Now apparently these hats are about fishing, including the long word on the second line.
I'm not sure if this is the best fishing message though.
These lead me to believe that these underwear might also be about fishing, although that's not comfortable living every day.
The Streak Eagle Military Command refers to the model plane version of the Strike Eagle, don't worry.
There were also racing hats, but there was something in the way.
It turns out Funky Monkey Babys is a band, so totally normal.
Now that we've got the hobbies covered, let's see how Engrish can help us. Need to spread the creaps?
Not sure which part of the cow to order? (Yes, they also had second stomach).
Looking for a little inspiration from rabbits? This Flench is deep, because it could either mean that we share a history with rabbits, or that our story is the same as theirs. Wow.
In other motivational sayings, whacking 2 things with a mallet is bound to bring future happiness.
And if you're still not happy, perhaps an exchange is in order?
Plum Juice seems like the right name for a Nail Salon, and RipCurl has now expanded into Hair and Make.
But of course you can always go to the traditional Saron, inspirationally called Unjour.
Or you can let Engrish help you find love.