Saturday, April 13, 2013

Carpentry Tools and Goodtimes

Let us start by contemplating the simple beauty of the Butt Chisel.
Now let's think about the potential health benefits of the O2 shuttle home hyperbaric chamber. Apparently you can't get locked inside. I'm not ready to try.
These things and more are available on the museum scene in Kobe. Perhaps you would like to admire this wide-bladed ripsaw?
Here is a display of straight line chalk stringy thingies, carved themselves to show the infinite and eco-system like elegance of the woodworking cycle.
Also on display were different flavours of wood chips.
We figured you were supposed to smell them. But, like many things in Japan, it is likely that we were wrong and acting inappropriately.
Here, we were pretty sure that you were supposed to take apart the wood puzzles, as long as you reassemble them nicely, and don't leave your shoes in the wrong place.
When making grooves in wood, you need to consider getting the right tools. A plow plane leads to a very different result than a head jamb, if you think about it.
Here is what happens if you have the right tools.
And, well, above is what happens if you don't. This small child beat Barry on the electrical engineering quiz at the Kawasaki Good Times World. In English.
Here, you can also look cool on motorcycles. Or, well, pale.
After all of the museum fun, smoky beef is in order. But we'll have more on that later.