Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Thaipusam times

It's Thaipusam, our favourite time of the year! Back-piercings and front!
Remember, this is when you can walk 4km with a decorated kavadi, which serves a dual purpose of weapon and art!
This year, though, I noticed something new. Could this be a little bit of romance?
Those limes make you look more muscular.
There was, after all, a lot of loud (romantic?) music.
This child may be a product of such Thaipusam romances.
As the kids get older, they do junior Thaipusam. Piercings, no, milk jugs, yes.
There is a lot of arts and crafting involved, often led by wives.
Below is my favourite work. Mosaic giant deity with mini-god, double layers of tassles, and too tall to fit under the tarp.
Oups, we haven't seen a pierced tongue yet. Here we go.
It can be hard to notice under all of the spikes.
Sadly, the Thaipusam pimp didn't show up on time. I had some blogging to do about him.