Sunday, February 3, 2013

Kevin & Martin in Singapore

First and most imporantly, Barry started the new year with a harsh message from Starbucks. That'll be a skinny latte, next time. On an unrelated note, you may have been wondering what Martin & Kevin have been up to lately?
Well, here they are trying Durian for the first time, behind a tarp! Sexy gloves, eh?
It was a good way to help them stay awake during their jet lag. Sadly, they seemed to not mind it, so we have no grimace pictures.
We wondered through Chinatown, decorated for Chinese New Year and the year of the Snake. This means that Kevin will be 36 years old, and I will be 24, according to our calculations.
We also took them to the temple, which can keep anyone awake. There was even talk of converting to Hinduism!
By the end of the night though, jet lag started to attack their sentence structure, but not their crab appetite!