Saturday, November 10, 2012


We have learnt many lessons during our travels. In Barcelona, we saw the Catalan flag and language.
I wondered how different it could be until I saw this sign, which in Spanish would be "desayuno / jugo de naranja".
Also in Spain, we learnt how to take pictures properly, you have to get your hips into it like the man in the white jacket.
In France, we learnt that you have to stop jumping off this bridge since June 27th, 2008 in the morning. I think I know what happened in early June 2008.
Also in France, we learnt about the huilerie, where you take your olives to be made into oil, shown in the vats below. Since I recognized this as communism, we ingeniously named this Castro-oil.
I tried to get in on some of the action, but I was not very good at olive picking. 
Then, we learnt about French Engrish. (Editor's note: This is not Flench (Asian French), or Franglais (mixing the 2 languages), but alternative use of English in France.) Frengrish?
 Pizza, as quick as a bunny!
You may find a vacated premises in your bucket's.  Or a Japanese rice wine at a Chinese/Vietnamese restaurant. You just never know.