Sunday, February 26, 2012

An Ordinary Sunday

Last Sunday started with fresh smells, dumplings and tofu twists, guess which was tasty.You could also get Jerry Fish and Arrested Vegetables, gansta style!Then we spent some time enjoying the wildlife, see if you can spot it.Then it was Engrish grocery shopping time at the Japanese grocery store. Did you know that cow ghosts go to Moominvalley, which also has witches?Can you imagine how upset Froggy is that he can't eat combover's snacks? And don't you hate it when you're eating and a fox steals your food?Here, the frog's trauma continues, this time agravated by a scary snowman, and the ever-creepy fox.Finally, exploring the depths of confusing Asian marketing is the face-hand, complete with hat, snacks, and rice triangle. Nothing could make me hungrier than these guys.Many other delicacies awaited. Mmmm, Crunky, leafy, palacious seaweed pick ups.