Friday, February 3, 2012

Bangaluru Streets

While shopping in Bangalore, we drank jars of honey to keep our shopping energy up.
You can buy everything on the street in Bangalore, especially old IT books. I'm sure there's something funny to say about old IT books, so please think that now.
Peacock feathers are readily available, as is a wide array of food.Below is sugar cane juice, which comes in a very tasty and unsanitary combination.The sari fabrics are always appealing, although I haven't found enough decorating uses for them yet.
Similarly, the creepy deity stickers/fridge magnets are tempting, but with limited uses.
To shop, you have to look high and low.
And be careful that your legs don't dissolve into whiteness as shown below.Also confusing, this store sells return gift items. Maybe we need these?At last, the snack jackpot, with items such as Bingo Brands, Mad Angles, Full Toss tangy pickle and Parle's Masala Masti! So much deliciousness!