Saturday, December 3, 2011

Merry Engrish

Right, it's Christmas season, so that means Engrish!
The above repeats for emphasis: "I wish you a Merry and Happy Christmas. May your Christmas be merry and happy".Chaff is a common theme featuring in my Christmas gifts.
The above wins the best Christmas Engrish award this year. Let us examine it more closely.In addition to flying Santas and donuts, there is the lesser known snowman gangster mushroom theft business going on. Maybe those are not mushrooms, but, giant strawberries? I need more information.
Finally, there is my new hero, Hungry Santa, who flies through space with cutlery. Let's go!
Anyway, this is a more persuasive gift bag.
And finally, another advantage of the Christmas tree - living in the middle of plants!