Saturday, December 17, 2011

Glass, Smirch, Masochist and Chaos

The large glass snowmen wish you happy holidays.It was also Barry's birthday, so we had burgers at our new favourite place.Since Santa is coming, we took appropriate hygienic measures.Since Barry's joints have aged prematurely due to overuse in triathlons but he's still a masochist, we now have to design our own. Above, Barry is shown waking up at 5:30am. Below, phase 1.Home-grown triathlons are conveniently located.Barry was very lucky - he came in first place!And won the prize! It was a clock radio, go figure!In other news, Singapore's subway system seems to have melted down last week. One of the most modern in the world, it trapped passengers in trains in the dark for an hour, which leaves me with the question: Do trains not have emergency exits? What if there was a fire? Why bother showing emergency videos in stations, given this?